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Why the Best Fit

A Word on Jeans
 …That awesome pair of jeans, with the fit, feel, and finish of a dream come true. Jeans you party in, chill in, work in, sleep in. That make you look and feel great. Jeans you love, and that love you back.
 Wearing them, you're the one. With the most mesmerizing moves. The hottest in the group. The most desirable on the planet.
 Love my jeans: Dorinha Jeans Wear.
 The Science of Sexy
 How do Dorinha Jeans Wear jeans do that thing they do?
 Denim that goes the distance, no matter what you’re doing or how you’re doing it. Wash after wash, your Dorinha jeans stay stretchy and supple, never saggy, conforming to your body’s every curve.
 Offering a smooth silhouette without constraining movement or weighing you down, your 410-580g (14.5-20.5oz.) - weight Dorinha jeans make you feel and look perfect for the lifestyle you lead.
 In every mood, for every look and situation whoever you want to be, and wherever you find yourself, your Dorinha jeans are right there with you. Fifteen fabulous washes, from super-super bleach to dark rinse and vintage blue dirty.
 A second skin should feel every inch as good as yours, and your Dorinha jeans do in flawless, touchable finishes including sand brush, ringspun, and ultrasueded.
 From the truest black to the most dazzling white, and the hottest beach and party colors in between.
 Go classy or casual. Boyish or vampy. Funky or fashionable. Dorinha jeans embody versatility and character, coming in 50 different styles with at least three washes or colors per style.
 Why should guys tell you what to wear? At Dorinha Jeans Wear, they don't the zippers on Dorinha jeans are not the longer, bulkier men’s clothing zippers so often used in women’s jeans, but are designed to be the perfect length and size for our low-rise women’s jeanswear styles and fit.
 The Original One Inch Zipper and the innovative, specially designed one-click The World’s Smallest Zipper fit our sexy, supple, loveable jeanswear as perfectly as they fit you. The guys would definitely agree.
 Back Pocket
 It’s all about the “bunda” (Brazilian for “derriere”). Dorinha Jeans Wear jeans have a back pocket just right for shaping up your rear view, with 20 unique stitching and back pocket placement designs that let you leave the lasting impression you want featuring the Three Piece Pocket.
 Capris one day, full length pants the next. Flats or stilettos? You decide: with an 84cm (33”) inseam, your Dorinha jeans give you the freedom to move your hemline in the direction your whimsy (or height requirement!) takes you.
 The shape of the Dorinha Jeans Wear low-rise waistband subtly undulates across your abdomen and hips, visually elongating your torso instead of cutting it off, and hugging the small of your back so that there’s no “peek-a-boo” or “gaping” effect.
 Made in Brazil
 Sensual. Beautiful. Playful.
 Dorinha Jeans Wear jeans are designed by Brazilian-born Dorinha with Brazil in mind, inspired by her love for the excitement of the land and the passion of its people.
 Manufactured in São Paolo, Brazil, from Brazilian cotton blends in an array of the most fashionable, unique denim finishes and colors available Dorinha Jeans Wear makes among the highest quality, most innovative, and ecologically friendly jeans in the world. Ever.
 Who is Dorinha?
 …Does Dorinha exist? Is she from Brazil? Is she a designer? Yes, yes, and yes!
 Read more about Dorinha.

 Girls on Film
 See Dorinha Jeans Wear in action! Check out these video clips of photo shoots, fashion shows, club appearances, and interviews with Dorinha and the Dorinha Girls models.
 Meet the Models

 Find out more about your favourite Dorinha Girls! See what they have to say for themselves, and see their latest videos and photo shoots visit them at their very own website,

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